"Vies taoïstes – Daoist Lives", Colloque international d’études taoïstes

"Vies taoïstes – Daoist Lives", Colloque international d’études taoïstes

10-12 septembre 2015

Centre Paul Langevin, 73500 Aussois, France

Organisé par:

Franciscus Verellen – Vincent Goossaert

Programme détaillé :

Thursday Sept 10
Keynote speech: Kristofer Schipper : The Daoist’s Progress 仙道歷程


Panel 1: Daoist Lives (1)
Stephen Bokenkamp (Arizona State University): Sisters of the Blood: The Lives Behind the Xie Ziran Biography
Pierre Marsone (EPHE – CRCAO): La carrière du patriarche Yin Zhiping et ses mystères
Kenneth Dean (McGill University): Following the Dao in the South Seas: the life and times of Daoist Master Tan Hock Hian
Catherine Despeux (Inalco): Vie d’une femme taoïste au 21e siècle : Zhang Mingxin, abbesse au Qingcheng shan


Panel 2: Daoist Lives (2)
Wang Chien-ch’uan 王見川 (Southern Taiwan University): Daoist Ideas of the Good Life, as seen in biographies of Zhang Daoling 從幾種張道陵傳看道士的美好生活觀
Marianne Bujard (EPHE – CRCAO): One temple, three lives: the Miaoyuanguan in Peking
Liu Xun 劉迅 (Rutgers University): Intoning Immortals at West Lake: Poetry, Inner Alchemy, Spirit-Writing and the Late Qing Literati Imaginaries of a Daoist Life in Jiangnan [The Case of Chen Wenshu (1771-1843)]
Vincent Goossaert (EPHE – GSRL): The Four Lives of Zhang Yuchu 張宇初 (1361-1410), 43rd Heavenly Master
Patrice Fava (independent scholar): Les maîtres taoïstes du Hunan


Panel 3: Models and ideas of the good life
Terry Kleeman (University of Colorado): Cultivating Conduct and Establishing Merit 修行立功. Pursuing the Good Life in Early Daoism
Franciscus Verellen (EFEO): Lu Xiujing 陸修靜 (406-477) on Daoist practice
Wilt Idema (Harvard University): The Good Life in Daoist Storytelling (daoqing) of the Ming and Qing Dynasties
David Palmer (Hong Kong University): The Dao of the Good Life: Daoism and Western Spiritual Individualism
Young scholars self-presentation (PhD students or recently graduated PhDs present their work)

Friday Sept 11


Panel 4: Practices for a long life: ritual & self-cultivation
Christine Mollier (CNRS – CRCAO): Venerating the stars for long-life: medieval textual and visual sources
Tsuchiya Masaaki 土屋昌明 (Senshû University): Sima Chengzhen 司馬承禎’s Daoist practices for individual lives
Lai Chi-Tim 黎志添 (CUHK): The Liturgical Dimension of Daoist Cultivation for Immortality: the Relationship between Daoist Ritual Practice and Inner Alchemy
Fang Ling 方玲 (CNRS – GSRL): Le Médecin céleste (tianyi 天醫) et les rituels taoïstes


Panel 5: Images of Daoist lives
Caroline Gyss (CNRS – GSRL): Qiu Ying (fl. mid. 16th c.) as a painter of Taoist subjects
Mark Meulenbeld (University of Wisconsin): His Ugly Body Exposed: How Pictures Captured the Powers of Thunder
Brigitte Baptandier (CNRS – LESC): Writing as a threshold between the worlds. Glyphomancy practices in China


Panel 6: Ruling Lives: Norms, Precepts, and Orthodoxy
Mori Yuria 森由利亞 (Waseda University): Historical Background of Daoists’ Threefold Precepts
John Lagerwey (EPHE – CUHK): Ming Dynasty Orthodoxy
Paul Katz (Academia Sinica, Taïwan): Spatial Aspects of Religious Life in Western Hunan during the Modern Era – Some Preliminary Observations
Roundtable discussion: How to teach Daoism?


Saturday Sept 12


Panel 7: The theory and practice of Daoist environmental protection 道教的环境保护思想与实践
Isabelle Ang (Collège de France): Histoire de la Grotte-ciel du Mystère suprême du Trésor céleste 天寳極玄洞天 dans les Monts de l’Ouest
Wang Zongyu 王宗昱 (Beijing University): Holy Sites in Song-period gazetteers 宋代方志所见洞天福地资料
Yuan Bingling 袁冰凌 (Fuzhou University): From Huolin dongtian to Tianguan daochang : Buddhism and Daoism in the history of the First Grotto-Heaven, Huotongshan 从霍林洞天到天冠道场的演化看第一洞天霍童山的道佛嬗变
Zhang Guangbao 张广保 (Beijing University): Dongtian fudi in Tang narrative sources, and their connection to Daoist theories of grotto-heavens 唐代笔记小说中的洞天福地及其与道教洞天理论的关系
Sandrine Chenivesse (independent scholar): A Journey to the Depths of Mount Fengdu, Taoist Holy Site and Infernal Abyss: from Untying the "Knots of Death" to Proclaiming the "Vow of Living", a Transgenerational Source of Healing
Chang Shaomin 常绍民 (Beijing Sanlian shudian): discussant

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